Where is my order - When will my order be delivered

As stated in the Delivery Terms, we do state to allow 14-28 days for delivery.

You can check the location and tracking of your order by clicking the VIEW ORDER button in your order confirmation email.

This will then take you to your Order which will have tracking numbers highlighted.

If you click the tracking number it will take you to a tracking system. This tracking system is owned by the Shipping company and may differ depending which company is being used to ship your items.

The delivery days is how many days in transit and not how many days until delivery.

Here you can see a Last Mile tracking number - this does not mean the parcel has one mile left to travel. It identifies the company who will be delivering the parcel to your home and their tracking number. This will only update when the company has received the parcel and ready to deliver it.

If your order does not arrive within 28 days please email us on diamonchic@gmail.com and provide your order number and date of order.